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About School Visits:

Donna Jo's preference is to give a talk to the entire school at a morning assembly of 45 to 60 minutes. Then she will go from group to group, either talking or doing writing exercises. The groups can be classes (and she puts no limits on the size of the class) or can be groups chosen by the teachers or groups of children who volunteer. The writing exercises vary according to the age of the child. With K-1, for example, she might talk about how to critique a story and tell it cleanly. For 2-3, she might do an exercise on emotions in story-telling that involves using magazines (any magazines you have on hand). For 4-5, she might do an exercise on how to start a story. For 6-7, she could deal with the elements of character, setting, and plot. And for 8-12, she might work on rhythm in dialogue. She also has a workshop on poetry and using the senses that can be done with almost any age. (Any of these topics might change at any time, but this gives you an idea of the range.) 

She comes for a full day only. However, if two schools want to split her, she is willing to go to one for half the day and to the other for the other half. She will stay for signings and book fairs in the evening at no additional cost. If she has to travel by plane or train, she comes for a minimum of two full days only.

About Private Writing Workshops:

The group must consist of at least ten people. If the group is local to the Philadelphia area, the workshop will run from 9am to 4pm with an hour break for lunch. If the group requires that she travel, the workshop must run for at least two days. She runs several different sorts of workshops.  Just ask for details.

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