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November 2021, Donna Jo gave the keynote address at the launch of the United Nations collection of feminist fairy tales AWAKE NOT SLEEPING, here.  They keynote begins around -1:45 and runs for 10 minutes.  She also moderates a session on why fairy tales are important later in this video.


July 2020, as part of a panel in the Fairytale and Folklore Festival of the Waseca-Le Sueur Regional Library System of Minnesota, with the author Adam Gidwitz, here


Janurary 2013 about THREE DAYS for Battle of the Books, here

October 2012 about DJN's fellowship at Trinity College Dublin in summer 2012,here

31 March 2012 TEDx talk on why children need to read about terrible things, here

Spring 2011 a series, here. There are separate interviews on her writing process, childhood, Noam Chomsky, and other things.

Spring 2011 many readers (including DJN) reading LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, youtube.

30 November 2007 the Philoctetes Center Roundtable on Fairytales, the Philoctetes website or youtube

2004 about writing DAUGHTER OF VENICE, here


November 2021 about the launch of the United Nations collection of feminist fairy tales AWAKE NOT SLEEPING on UN Women Europe and Central Asia podcast Generations Talk Gender here


November 2021 about TREASURY OF MAGICAL TALES on WXPN here


Winter 2018-19 discussion about ALLIGATOR BAYOU with children from New Orleans here.

Spring 2017 about FISH GIRL with DJN and David Wiesner here.

Fall 2014 about STORM here



Autumn 2023 a short presentation about WHEN NIGHT FALLS and a list of my three favorite books I read in 2023 with reasons why they are my favorites here


Autumn 2021 a short presentation about IN A FLASH and a list of my five favorite books on deaf culture with reasons why they are my favorites here


Spring 2019 about nature, the classics and FISH GIRL here

Summer 2018 about my love of Venice here

January 2018 about HUNGER here

Autumn 2017 an essay in response to the question: Why do you write mythological tales? here.

Spring 2017 about FISH GIRL with DJN and David Wiesner here, here.

May 2017 on teaching math through storybooks, here.

Fall 2016 about joy, here.

Summer 2016 about fantasy set in other cultures, here.

2015 about DARK SHIMMER, here and here

2015 about what DJN reads and why, here.

2015 about general issues in writing, here.

Winter 2014 about what DJN was reading after writing HIDDEN,here.


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